Thermalex extrudes high precision / tight tolerance thin-walled aluminum alloy extrusions for automotive, truck, industrial, commercial and residential air conditioning (HVAC) and electronic thermal heat transfer applications.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Aluminum since 2008, Thermalex aluminum products are prized in our global markets by high tech customers who engineer higher efficiency and superior corrosion resistant thermal transfer product solutions. Our customers have advanced their heat transfer product technologies over older, traditional copper tube-in-fin coils by using Thermalex Micro-Flow aluminum multi-void/microchannel extrusions with brazed aluminum heat exchangers, such as condensers and evaporators for HVAC as well as automotive OEM and aftermarket products.

Thermalex quality and environmental management systems are registered, certified and maintained by NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR). Thermalex was initially certified with ISO-9002 registration standard in 1994 and QS-9000 in 1998.  Current registrations are TS-16949 since 2007 and ISO-14001 since 2014.

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